The Best Art Creations on Glass

Art comes in all sort of forms and types, and one of the more overlooked ways of making art is that of glass. Not just the way the glass is shaped and formed, but also what the glass is decorated with. Glass is a unique material, and it is everywhere, imagine a house without any windows! In this blog we look at some of the world’s best glass art, both as architecture and as a piece of art in itself.

The Louvre

Perhaps one of the most famous of all glass architecture is the four pyramids of glass at the Louvre in Paris. It is so famous that it has starred in feature films like the Da Vinci Code. At first the eye can only see one large pyramids but there are actually four. The large glass and metal structure was designed by Chinese-American architect L.M Pei and without doubt is a stunning piece of art. Opened in 1989, the Louvre Pyramid celebrated the bicentenary of the French Revolution and it added a whole new dimension to the rather dated building.

Cascade at Adelaide Botanical Gardens

A glass tidal wave that is created by over 500 massive individual glass pieces being glued together, it sculpture was created by Sergio Redegalli who is an Australian glass artist. The sculpture was commissioned for the World Expo in Brisbane in 1988, and this monster 12 ton sculpture of a wave that is cascading is truly marvellous. The Cascade is sitting on a large circle of water, so it looks as though the glass is crashing down into the still pond.


Not so much an individual piece of glass art as the mecca of all glass art. Murano in Italy is reputed to be the home of artwork in glass. Many of the techniques used today by glass artists and sculptors were first pioneered at Murano. At Murano visitors can see how glass art is made, there is also limitless glass shops and a glass museum where some extraordinary examples of glass art can be seen.

The Glass Palace

The Messe Leipzig Glass Hall forms the biggest glass palace in the world. The hall is an amazing 244m long, 80m wide, and 30m high at its apex. It forms a staggering hall of glass that contains 1,140 tons of glass which is suspended from one single layer barrel. It all forms the central hall at the Leipzig fair and is one of the biggest glass structures in the world. As visitors arrive at the Glass Hall they are daunted by the size and the extreme opulence of their surroundings, it also heralds what the Messe Leipzig has in store. Leipzig is now famed throughout the world because of this elegant structure and it puts the city firmly on the map.

These wonderful creations made of glass or on glass are definitely some of the finest examples of glass work in the world. The designers and the sculptors are artists of the highest calibre, who not only are geniuses at working with the material, they can foresee its effect on the surroundings before it is erected.