Famous Stained-Glass Artists

Glass art has been around for centuries and the techniques to produce such art have been ever evolving. Some of the current artists use old and proven methods of producing their artwork, but some like to test the boundaries of working with glass and use experimental techniques. However, there is no doubt that stained glass methods produced the first real works of art. These artisans paved the way for the development of new glass methods and techniques. The first ways of producing stained glass left a legacy on Middle-Age mosques and cathedrals in the 19th Century, but with the turn of the 20th Century new ideas and expressions with stained glass work emerged.

20th Century Glass Art

At the start of the 20th Century new techniques and styles emerged that bought stained glass work out of the Gothic age. One of the most important figures at this time was Harry Clarke, who was a brilliant Irish artist who also illustrated books. He was a leading figure at the time for the Irish Arts & Crafts scene, although he is more famed for large works in churches or cathedrals.

Contemporary Glass Art

With a new millennium stained glass art was still very much in vogue and the famous British artist, Brian Clarke is one of the world’s best glass artisans today. His work is very contemporary and his works can be found both in grand architectural examples and also in private collections. As time has progressed other artists working with glass have developed techniques that produced new styles that are even more popular than stained glass.

The Art of Glassblowing

One of the most in vogue artistic genres in the world today is glassblowing, it is an old technique with a rich heritage but its popularity has gone through the roof. Dale Chihuly is one of the top artists currently using this technique, but with a complicated version of glassblowing. His method produces stunning sculptures and pieces, his work rate is prolific and can be found in collections all over the world.

Lino Tagliapietra has been a major influence in glassblowing art, he founded many methods and procedures that have been accepted by the whole glass blowing art industry. Tagliapietra is an extremely talented artist and one of the most important figures in the glass art industry today. He was born and learned his trade on Murano, the home of glassware, and his most famous work is the exceptional 35-boat glass armada which is exhibited in the Columbus Art Museum.

Finally, we must mention one more outstanding artist on the contemporary scene today, Jack Storms uses a rare method to produce his sculptures beginning with a core of lead crystal. He then cuts, polishes and laminates the core thus creating mirrors with infinite colours to fashion superb glass art.

These stained-glass artists are among the world’s best artisans that are working in the medium today, glass work has never dwindled in popularity, but at the moment is really in vogue. The brilliance of their craftsmanship is in their sculptures and other works of glass art, and is obvious for admirers to see.