Contemporary Art in Dusseldorf

In west Germany there is one place that is renowned for its sense of fashion, youth culture and art – Dusseldorf.

This area has a lot to love from great shopping to a huge Japanese community that brings its own culture with it, along with fantastic sights and cuisine but the art here is something that people flock to come and enjoy. With a great deal of museums and art galleries many of which are walkable distances from each other, its no wonder that this place is garnered for being the trendiest city on the Rhine river. Lovers of modern art will be able to enjoy works from 20th century masters here but even better is its contemporary showcase of exhibits that range from multimedia experiences to modern sculpture. Here are some of the best spots to visit when doing an art crawl around the city.

KIT – Kunst im Tunnel

Hidden away behind and underneath a café, this gallery space is genuinely a subterranean area now cleverly used as a darkened space for exhibiting contemporary work. Audio visual displays are standard here as the screens provide much of the light in this petite underground area. With only a handful of works the ones here include short films and impressive video collections that you will be happy to enjoy in their entirety.


With a recently renovated upstairs space where they house their permanent collection, the K20 offers a varied mix of works from artists creating after the 1940s. In their grand white open gallery you can gaze upon the works of some of the greatest artists of modern times with pieces that range from Klee to Kandinsky and Picasso to Pollack. Modernism doesn’t just exist on the walls here either as you can also enjoy works that are tactile, filmed and photographed in a gallery that is highly renowned. Currently showcasing works from famed artist Ai Weiwei, they also have a rotational area downstairs that is often updated.


The younger sister of the K21, visitors will be happy to know that you can buy a pass to enjoy exhibits in both spaces for a reduced price, with some areas open late into the evening allowing you to take your time around the galleries. The K21 has several floors of incredible works by contemporary artists with far more temporary installations. Here you can really get into the art as their new permanent exhibit is from Tomás Saraceno, this in orbit interactive piece has visitors walk over a web of netting 25 metres above the lobby with the sheer drop visible below. Meanwhile back on solid ground you can see videos, sculptures and naturalistic works that range from graphically disturbing to hilarious.

NRW Forum

This place is exactly what many contemporary art lovers want out of a gallery. An exhibition space that constantly pushes barriers and transforms its rooms into music venues and cinemas, this gallery celebrates pop culture and everything that comes with it. Now extending its reach into the virtual realm, its new Unreal exhibit promises to be one of the most immersive VR exhibits around, perfect for 3D artists, tech lovers and anyone interested in the future of art.