Carre Dore Gallery Monaco

Monaco is chic, modern and glamorous, made famous by the rich and famous with their multi-million yachts and luxury cars. There is everything going for this small principality with stunning sea vistas and immaculately sculptured gardens. Monaco also has a thriving art scene, with various galleries and salons dotted around the city catering for every kind of taste possible. In this blog we focus on one gallery in particular, Carre Dore.

Galerie Carre Dore

The Galerie Carre Dore is one of the most important contemporary art galleries in Monaco, specializing in modern urban art from around the world. The gallery exhibits paintings, drawings, hi-tech presentations and even fashion shows. Galerie Carre Dore is as stylish as Monaco itself, it is modern, exciting and exudes affluence. The artists on display are creative and innovative that are willing to experiment to express themselves. Two of the artists that typify Galerie Carre Dore, are Sasha Torriso who commands great respect in the Pop Art circles. And Francesco Rogerro whose experimentation with patterns and brave colours make him a leading figure in the contemporary art world.


Carre Dore use exhibitions as a platform to display the artists and their work, the gallery will arrange and produce an exhibition when commissioned. At present their focus is all contemporary from architecture, design, fashion and of course art. The Gallery shows private collections and shows urban development projects and investment opportunities in Monaco. Carre Dore uses its modules to display and exhibit, and currently the Module Currently is being used for large or group exhibitions, and the Module Showroom is for private or solo exhibitions. Presently Carre Dore has two particular special projects, which are Talent Scout and Resident Artists, both of which are presented and sponsored by the galley itself.


Not only does Carre Dore present its own exhibitions and showcases, it also presents tailor made communication / marketing programmes. These can range from simple advertising like posters and billboards to creating personal press releases in traditional and digital formats. The Gallery uses its extensive V.I.P mailing list and media contacts to promote almost any event. Also, Carre Dore uses their membership of the Art Club Carre Dore Monte-Carlo members, to get to exactly the correct audience and potential art buyers. Part of this communication package will be the facility of using the Gallery’s own services of Fashion Shoots and Video technology.

Carre Dore Showroom

At the core of the philosophy of Carre Dore is their magnificent showroom, where they offer patrons to get close and personal with their exhibits. It gives a luxurious opportunity to try on a piece of jewellery, or sit back in a chair and admire a painting or sculpture. The Showroom is an important part of how the Gallery interacts with the community, and allows art lovers and collectors to meet the artists in person to find out what was exactly in their minds when creating a piece of art. Once a month the Showroom asks one artists to display his art, the appropriate communication package is absorbed by the gallery and artist concerned.